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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to creating a workplace that fosters a sense of belonging and inspires all employees with different cultural backgrounds and social identities to enjoy themselves and do their best work. Parameters welcomes people of all backgrounds regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliations, or socio-economic status. We are an equal-opportunity employer. It is important to us as an organization to continue to refine our practices so that all employees feel they can enrich their lives, feel safe in their work environment and are able to design an equitable future for themselves. Our internal Culture Committee works together to plan and host team-building events and activities designed to strengthen relationships amongst the team, working together in harmony and embracing people’s differences.

As a small business, we strive to do what is right and pay-it-forward when we can. We actively support and encourage our team members to volunteer by providing a paid day off to participate in National Day of Purpose; allowing employees to choose where they want to give back. We also ask for input from staff as to what charities are important to them that we could support as a group through volunteerism or financial donation. It is our intention to evolve and improve as people, increase the level of diversity of our workforce, support opportunities to give back to local communities in need, and continue to provide equitable opportunities to all.

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Charities we support:

  • Hats & Mittens

  • Sharing and Caring Hands

  • Treehouse of Hope

  • Can Do Canines

  • MN Center for Environmental Advocacy

  • Joy Collaborative

  • Teach Everyone A Method

  • Speak Your Truth

  • Feed My Starving Children

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Second Harvest Heartland

  • Interfaith Outreach

Women/Minority Owned Vendors we use:

  • Breaking Bread Catering

  • We Cater To You

  • Taco Theresas

  • Nordeast Cookie Co

  • Food Gallery Catering

  • Mossy Roots

  • ServiceWorx

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